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Chips&Media s Camera ISP IP – LEDA is the Imaging Signal Processing (ISP) targeted to be used in low light environment for surveillance camera, automotive such as Car DVR and Infotainment with maximum processing resolution of 5 Mega Pixels (MP) at 60 frames per second (FPS). The ISP offers complete and configurable ISP pipeline with features including 8x6 2D Color-Shading Correction, 19-Point Bayer Gamma Correction, 6-Region Color Saturation, Hue, and Delta-L Control functions, and generates best possible picture quality by implementing optimum low light Noise/Sharp filter on the inputted image after analyzing each scene, which is one of the key advantage of LEDA ISP. Furthermore, the other competitive advantages over other IPs are the significantly low gate size and memory usage which are achieved by optimizing the algorithm through information sharing of each process.

LEDA ISP is ARM® AMBA 4 AXI protocol compliant that the host can control LEDA ISP via AMBA 4 APB bus interface, and data are exchanged using AMBA 4 AXI interfaces.

Block Diagram


  • Performance
    • Image
      • Up to 5MPixel (for 4MP – 2688x1520, 5MP – 2592x1944)
    • Video
      • 1920x1080 at 60fps - 151MHz
      • 2592x1944 at 60fps - 302MHz
  • Input formats
    • Bayer (8bit, 10bit, 12bit), YUV(16bit)
  • Output formats
    • YUV (4:2:2, 4:2:0 – 8 bit)
  • Key Functions
    • Defective Pixel Correction
      • On-The-Fly Defective Pixel Correction
    • Gb/Gr Unbalance Correction
      • Max Correction Tolerance Gb/Gr Rate : 12.5%
    • 2D Lens-Shading Correction (8x6)
      • Normal R/Gb/Gr/B Channel Shading Correction
      • Supports Color Stain Correction
    • High Resolution RGB Interpolation
      • ES/Hue-Med/Average/Non-Directional based hybrid type algorithm
    • Color Correction Matrix (3x3)
    • Bayer Gamma Correction (19 points)
    • Color Enhancement (Hue / Sat / Δ-L )
      • Each 6-Region Hue/Sat/ Δ-L Control ( R/G/B/C/M/Y )
    • High-Performance Noise Reduction for low light environment
      • Bayer/RGB/YC Domain Noise Reduction
    • High-Resolution Sharpness Control
      • Uses Multi-Sharp Filter and Individual Sharp Gain Control
    • Auto Exposure
      • 8x6 luminance weight window & pixel weighting
    • Auto White Balance
      • R/G/B based feed-forward method
    • Tone Mapping
      • Multi-band scheme using linear transformation as multi-slope
    • Auto Focus
      • 3-type 6-region AF value return
    • Interface – with host system
      • ARM® AMBA 4 APB bus interface for LEDA ISP system control
      • 128 bit ARM® AMBA 4 AXI Interface for data
      • Direct connection to sensor stream data








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