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Designed for your next generation products

Cadence offers more ways to perform complex signal processing than any other IP company. Cadence offers a wide range of DSPs for selecting the best combination of high performance, low power, and small area to meet the needs of your application.

From the dual or quad MAC Fusion F1 up to the super-high-performance 128-MAC ConnX B20, these Tensilica DSPs are designed for a broad range of applications that control sensors and antennas and process the data they handle. Go with the industry s lowest power, most compact and best performing DSPs for applications including radar, lidar, 5G, 4G/LTE-A, bluetooth, smartgrid, and 802.11 modems. Cadence offers several pre-designed, pre-verified DSPs so you can accelerate your design effort and shorten your time to market.

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No matter which Tensilica processor solution you choose, remember that it s based on our 32-bit Xtensa® RISC processor and toolset. Unlike a traditional fixed-configuration DSP, all Tensilica DSPs and processors are fully:

  • Configurable–Multiple pre-verified vector packages to select from
  • Extensible–Customizable instruction set through the Verilog-like TIE language
  • Connected–Virtually unlimited bandwidth from customizable FIFO, GPIO, and lookup interfaces
  • Scalable–Software compatible DSP family, making evaluation/migration easy

Whether your need is for a single DSP, a homogeneous multi-core solution, or a highly optimized heterogeneous mix of processors, DSPs, and hardware accelerator blocks, our family of DSPs, is the ideal place to get started on your platform design.








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