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New Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform capabilities enable companies to get more from their data

By Dipesh Patel, President IoT Services Group, Arm

February 22, 2018 -- Forward-thinking enterprises are just starting to utilize the IoT for exploring new ways to collect and analyze their data to gain insights into improving their operational efficiencies, products and customer experiences. But to move from exploring to implementing requires greater levels of IoT device security, connectivity and provisioning than what’s available today, both in the cloud and their data centers.

Accelerating the implementation of IoT capabilities to maximize the potential of data will be big topics of conversation at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Embedded World (EW) tradeshows next week. And based on the new Mbed Cloud offerings from Arm’s IoT Services Group, Arm will certainly be at the center of those conversations. Here’s a quick summary of the news:

Mbed Cloud on-premises support
Cloud services today already enable companies to manage an ever-growing number of IoT-connected devices, but for some businesses facing security or regulatory challenges, connecting to a public cloud is not an option. To address this, Mbed Cloud is now going both public and private. We’re expanding the capabilities of Mbed Cloud, enabling customers to host a private cloud implementation behind the corporate firewall in their own data centers. This highly flexible solution will integrate with legacy hardware and even with an external IaaS (infrastructure as a solution) offering from another vendor.

IoT connectivity for constrained devices
Millions of legacy devices requiring IoT connectivity can’t support a full-featured embedded OS; their limited compute resources can’t handle IP communication or the latest IoT security features. To address this, Arm’s Mbed Cloud will soon support features that enable legacy, less-powerful devices to use common IoT protocol stacks so single-function applications, such as sensors in pallets, glucose meters or fluid valves, can send/receive data and perform simple calculations.

Mbed OS support now available for IoT Modules and NB-IoT

We’ll be sharing more information about these developments later next week at Mobile World Congress (Hall 6, Stand 6E30) and Embedded World (Hall 4, booth 4-140). If you’re attending theses shows, swing by our booths for more information or an in-person demo. If you can’t make it, you’ll find all you need to know about these developments on our media resources page.

For a deeper dive on Arm’s new products and how we will help speed adoption and deployment of IoT solutions see my related blog post.

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New Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform capabilities enable companies to get more from their data







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