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SoC-e's MTSN Switch IP Core solution now supports 802.1AB (LLDP)

去年10月推出的MTSN交换机IP核不断更新,包括新功能和增强功能。 在最后的主要更新中,已经包括了对802.1AB或LLDP(链路层发现协议)的支持。 该软件允许TSN设备发现其所连接的网络的拓扑结构以及构成它的设备。

SoC-e is continually investing much of its effort in periodically renewing its products to meet the needs of the market and its customers.

February 21 , 2018 -- The MTSN Switch IP Core, launched in October last year, continues to receive numerous updates which include new features and enhancements. In the last major update support for 802.1AB or LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) has been included. This software-implemented feature allows TSN devices to discover the topology of the network to which it is connected and the devices that form it.

This technology is especially important in TSN networks. In this networks, the configuration of the entire network is centralized in a single node and it needs to have a global vision of the network in order to be able to configure the nodes that compose it (time slots, stream configurations…).

MTSN Switch IP Cores

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SoC-e's MTSN Switch IP Core solution now supports 802.1AB (LLDP)








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