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intoPIX推出适用于Nvidia GPU的FastTICO-XS SDK v1.2.4 解决方案

intoPIX releases the FastTICO-XS SDK v1.2.4 for Nvidia GPU

Enabling software-driven live production, editing, AV streaming running up to 8K resolution

Belgium, Mont Saint-Guibert -- June 22, 2020 - intoPIX, the leading provider of innovative image processing and video compression technologies, announces the official release of the FastTICO-XS SDK v1.2.4 for GPUs, its newest JPEG-XS GPU software development kit (SDK) for AV and broadcast app developers.

An All-in-One JPEG-XS solution

This major intoPIX update introduces the first GPU encoder release, increased GPU decoder performance, the proxy decode add-on feature, the new FFmpeg plugin and the support of NVIDIA® JETSON GPUs on top of the already supported NVIDIA® GEFORCE®, TITAN® and QUADRO® Graphics cards.

This is a significant milestone as the new SDK offers developers a wide array of options for integrating the new low-latency visually lossless JPEG-XS standard in AV and Live production workflows using only software and COTS equipment,” said Charles Buysschaert, Manager of the software development team at intoPIX.

More for latency-critical video applications

intoPIX IP Cores

Since 4K and 8K video formats are rapidly gaining ground in the broadcast and AV markets, the FastTICO-XS GPU SDK becomes an essential tool in completing a seamless end-to-end workflow. intoPIX offers solutions ensuring sub-frame latency, with bandwidth ranging between 100Mbps to 400Mbps in HD; 500Mbps to 1.6Gps for 4K, and 1Gbps to 4Gbps for 8K. Live Production applications using ST2110 or other Real-time AV transmission standards can now manage more pixels at the speed of light at lower bitrate, preserving pristine video quality.

Our implementation is highly parallelized and performs real-time JPEG-XS encoding and decoding of single or multiple HD and 4K video streams. This new release also supports 8K video at 60 fps”, said Charles Buysschaert. “An interesting Add-on is the embedded downscaler in our decoder : it can directly extract the 2K/HD or 4K sub-resolution from an 8K XS-encoded stream. This way, the system consumes less GPU processing power, hence enabling more video stream to be decoded simultaneously in the GPU”.

A complete Stack for JPEG-XS

Today, intoPIX offers a full solution suite to support the AV and Broadcast equipment providers: FPGA/ASIC IP-cores, fast SDKs (for CPU and GPU) and FFmpeg plugins.

Visit our website to discover the TICO-XS stack or contact us to try and test the latest release.

intoPIX releases the FastTICO-XS SDK v1.2.4 for Nvidia GPU








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