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Flex Logix宣布InferX X1开发板与软件工具现已上市并揭晓产品发展路线图

Flex Logix Announces Availability and Roadmap of InferX X1 Boards and Software Tools

InferX X1P1 PCIe board at $399-$499 brings datacenter class throughput to lower price point edge servers; InferX X1P4 in 2021 will increase throughput 4x

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 28, 2020 – Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability and roadmap of PCIe boards powered by the Flex Logix InferX™ X1 accelerator – the industry’s fastest and most efficient AI inference chip for edge systems.

The InferX X1P1 uses a single InferX X1 chip and a single LPDDR4x DRAM on a half-height, half-length PCIe board. Samples are available now to lead customers; general sampling will occur in Q1 and production availability in Q2 2021. The InferX X1P4 will have four InferX X1 chips on the same size board: half-height, half-length and will sample mid-2021 with production by end of 2021. Finally, an InferX M.2 board will be available in the same time frame as X1P4.

The InferX X1P4 will have throughput on YOLOv3, for object detection and recognition, similar to the Nvidia Tesla T4 at volume pricing from $649-$999. Other real customer models run faster on X1P4 than T4. The InferX X1P1 is about 1/3 the performance of Tesla T4 for YOLOv3 but sells for $399-$499. For some customer models, the X1P1 outperforms the T4. InferX M.2 pricing will be similar to the X1P1 and has the same performance.

“The Nvidia Tesla T4 Inference accelerator for edge servers is extremely popular, but customers want to deploy inference in lower price point servers for higher volume applications,” said Geoff Tate, CEO of Flex Logix. “The InferX X1P1 and X1M will enable much lower price point edge inference server-based systems at good performance; while the InferX X1P4 will enable cost reduction of existing edge inference server-based systems.”

The new InferX PCIe boards deliver higher throughput/$ for lower price point servers. Boards announced today include the following.

Flex Logix is also unveiling a suite of software tools to accompany the boards. This includes Compiler Flow from TensorFlowLite/ONNX models, and an nnMAX Runtime Application. Also included in the software tools is an InferX X1 driver with external APIs designed for applications to easily configure & deploy models, as well as internal APIs for handling low-level functions designed to control & monitor the X1 board.


800MHz 667MHz 533MHz
X1P1 $499 $449 $399
X1P4 $999 $829 $649

933MHz will be available in the second half of 2021.

About the InferX X1 Accelerator

The Flex Logix InferX X1 accelerates performance of neural network models such as object detection and recognition, and other neural network models, for robotics, industrial automation, medical imaging, gene sequencing, bank security, retail analytics, autonomous vehicles, aerospace and more. The InferX X1 delivers a 10 to 100 times improvement in inference price/performance versus the current industry leader.

More information is also available at www.flex-logix.com.

About Flex Logix

Flex Logix provides industry-leading solutions for making flexible chips and accelerating neural network inferencing. Its InferX X1 is the industry’s fastest and most-efficient AI edge inference accelerator that will bring AI to the masses in high-volume applications, surpassing competitor’s performance at 1/7th size and 10x lower price. Flex Logix’s eFPGA platform enables chips to be flexible to handle changing protocols, standards, algorithms, and customer needs and to implement reconfigurable accelerators that speed key workloads 30-100x compared to processors. Flex Logix is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit https://flex-logix.com

Flex Logix Announces Availability and Roadmap of InferX X1 Boards and Software Tools








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