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New Website Dedicated to Advancing PUF Security Technology

February 17, 2021 -- Intrinsic ID is proud to announce the launch of PUF cafe (at www.pufcafe.com) – a website dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in PUF technology and ensuring it meets the evolving security needs of our data and devices for today and in the future. Intrinsic ID encourages security professionals from industry and academia, working with or interested in PUF technology, to join the community and help drive the evolution of this important root-of-trust security implementation for a wide range of vertical markets.

Security is increasingly becoming one of the biggest challenges for our connected society, especially with today’s huge risks of attacks by hackers and compromises to information and security breaches. One of the challenges of securing connected devices is doing so without adding silicon real estate or cost and maintaining minimum power consumption and processing resources.

PUFs offer secure authentication and root-of-trust without leaving any cryptographic assets on the device or requiring additional components, making it well-suited for a wide range of markets – from banking, finance, and the datacenter to mobile gaming, automotive and IoT.

PUFs utilize tiny variations in silicon by turning them into unique identifiers for any given semiconductor chip. Circuitry within the chip converts these tiny variations into a digital pattern of 0’s and 1’s, which is unique for that specific chip and is repeatable over time. This pattern is a “silicon fingerprint,” which is comparable to its human biometric counterpart.

The goal of PUF Cafe is to create a neutral place for open and productive discussions on PUF technology including PUF-based key generation methods, and other state-of-the-art techniques in this domain so that PUF technology can evolve with the needs of the market. With PUFs potentially playing an increasingly important role in securing our digital world – more collaboration is needed.

The PUF Cafe platform is now available at www.pufcafe.com and anyone interested can sign up, free of charge, to become a member of the community. The website includes a forum for active discussions between members, where subject matter experts from Intrinsic ID will also contribute by answering questions. For those interested to learn more about PUF technology, whether on a novice or more experienced level, the website contains a resource section with blogs, papers, and videos. And most importantly, every month PUF Cafe will have a live virtual event, called PUF Cafe Episodes. The episodes will include short-form webinars with thought leaders, interactive Q&A sessions, and online networking opportunities.

The first PUF Cafe Episode will be on March 3rd and features Intrinsic ID CEO Pim Tuyls, who will talk about the early days of PUF research during his time at Philips Research.

Most important on the platform are the opinions of its members. Besides the discussions on the forum, all members can contribute to the evolution of PUF Cafe by submitting questions, suggesting topics for upcoming PUF Cafe Episodes, and providing content for the website. The members shape the community and fuel the discussions, to steer the direction of PUF Cafe.

Intrinsic ID looks forward to hearing from the security community what matters to them, making the discussion about PUF technology a two-way street. The goal is to find out what the problems are that security professionals encounter and what the functionality is that they would like to see in future PUF implementations. By asking the community to chime in on what matters to them, we can steer the future of PUF technology together. That is why Intrinsic ID invites anyone interested in PUF technology to go to www.pufcafe.com and become a member of the PUF Cafe community.

New Website Dedicated to Advancing PUF Security Technology








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