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Seamless Microsystems推出针对汽车雷达的高性能ADC

Seamless Microsystems Announces Highest-Performance ADC for Automotive RADAR

Silicon Valley, California, April 23 2021 - Seamless Microsystems, a leader in state-of-the-art analog and mixedsignal designs, today announced successfully taping out the industry’s highest-performance multi-channel Analogto- Digital Converter (ADC) for use in next-generation automotive RADARs. Designed for one of the world’s leading automotive technology manufacturers, the ADC exhibits the industry’s best linearity for this class of product and enables automotive RADARs to deliver new capabilities in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) not possible with existing ADC architectures.

Drue Freeman, an SMI advisor and former SVP of Sales and Marketing for the Automotive BU at NXP, stated, “As radar becomes an increasingly important sensor in the race towards full autonomous driving, SMI’s patented Switched-Mode ADCs are game changing, enabling radar chip designers to achieve better resolution at longer distances, enhanced interference immunity, and lower power consumption while simultaneously reducing die size and chip cost.”

Automotive-grade performance and quality over process, voltage and temperature variations is achieved through the extensive use of Seamless Microsystems’ patented Switched-Mode Signal Processing Technology and years of deep analog expertise. By encoding signal information in the time-domain, Switched-Mode Signal Processing leverages the fast transistors available in scaled CMOS processes, overcoming design challenges with conventional design techniques. Detailed characterization results are expected to be available in Q3-2021.

Jayanth Kuppambatti CEO of Seamless Microsystems Inc. stated, “This is a huge technical milestone for our company as it validates our unique design approach for the stringent safety requirements of the automotive market. It positions our company as a key enabler of the fast-growing automotive RADAR and LiDAR markets. We look forward to discussions with potential customers needing the best ADCs in their next-generation automotive sensors for ADAS.”

ADC for Automotive RADAR IP Cores

About Seamless Microsystems

Seamless Microsystems Inc. (SMI) builds the world’s leading analog and mixed-signal chip designs. SMI’s game changing patented time-based Switched Mode Signal Processing technology enables the design of the best analog and mixed-signal designs in scaled CMOS technologies. SMI’s designs exhibit a significant performance improvement over competing solutions, enabling its customers to achieve compact, cost and power efficient RADAR, LiDAR and 5G System-on-Chips.

Seamless Microsystems is a member of the Silicon Catalyst incubator.

Seamless Microsystems Announces Highest-Performance ADC for Automotive RADAR








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