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intoPIX 为 JPEG XS 发布系列全新紧凑型编解码器

intoPIX Releases a New Range of Compact Encoders and Decoders for JPEG XS

intoPIX once again pushes the limits with more compact TICO-XS IP-cores that require less resources and less memory

Mont-Saint-Guibert, September 16, 2021 intoPIX, the leading provider of innovative compression solutions, announces today the release of new extra small JPEG XS IP-cores for FPGA and ASIC. This new TICO-XS IP-cores release is the result of several key improvements and will benefit the growing number of JPEG XS adopters. The cores use less memory and less logic resources, which is really impressive considering the fact that current cores were already extremely small compared to other compression technologies.

The cores are particularly interesting for any AV system that needs to support many HD or 4K video streams within the same chip or for implementers who are looking to move into smaller and cheaper FPGAs for HD and 4K. On top, they remain fully compliant with the recently published VSF TR07and TR08 requirements.

This release is a revolution in terms of resource usage combined with such compression efficiency. intoPIX has spent considerable time and effort creating new architectures and improving existing ones: resulting in compacter encoders and decoders.

"We are really proud of these new cores, saving up to 30% of resources with some configurations. JPEG XS is already a lightweight and low complexity codec, but with this new release, our engineering team has really pushed the limits even further" explains Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX. "These cores also contribute to AV devices by consuming less power, while significantly reducing bandwidth and preserving pristine quality."

This new release completes the already very wide range of JPEG XS IP-cores supporting various pixels per clock.


All solutions are available now and more info can be obtained via intoPIX .

About JPEG XS and intoPIX solutions

JPEG XS is the new lightweight low latency compression standard designed for high-quality and latency-critical video applications. The standard has been co-created by intoPIX and intoPIX offers a complete range of accelerated encoder and decoder, as IP-cores (for Xilinx®, Intel®, Lattice®, ASIC), Software libraries for CPU or GPU (Intel®, AMD®, Nvidia®), or Plugins for various workflows such as Nvidia® Rivermax, FFmpeg, Adobe® Premiere. Our solutions are for example ideal for live production and AV over IP in HD, 4K and 8K. More info on www.intopix.com/jpeg-xs

About intoPIX

intoPIX creates and licenses innovative image processing and compression solutions. We deliver unique IP-cores and efficient software solutions to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power and simplify storage and connectivity. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience. Our solutions open the way to new imaging workflows and new devices, reducing costs in HD, 4K or even 8K, replacing uncompressed video, and always preserving the lowest latency with the highest quality.For additional information, visit www.intopix.com

intoPIX Releases a New Range of Compact Encoders and Decoders for JPEG XS







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