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Think Silicon 将在国际嵌入式展(Embedded World 2022)上推出业界首款 RISC-V 3D GPU

Think Silicon to Unveil Industry's First RISC-V 3D GPU at Embedded World 2022

ATHENS, Greece, June 15, 2022 -- Think Silicon®, a leader in ultra-low power graphics IP, will showcase the industry’s first RISC-V-based GPU – the NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series – at Embedded World 2022. The company will also introduce the NEMA®|pico-VG, the latest in the NEMA®|GPU-Series for MCU-driven SoCs – which supports rich vector graphics and improves system efficiency by offloading CPU utilization up to 95%.

NEOX™ G-Series & A-Series – A New Era of Smart GPU Architectures

NEOX™| G (graphics) & A (deep learning accelerator) Series IP represent a new era of smart GPU architectures with programable compute shaders running on a real-time operating system (RTOS) and supported by light-weight graphics and machine learning frameworks. The heavily multi-threaded system can be easily customized for graphics, machine learning, vision/video processing, and general-purpose compute workloads through configurable programming libraries using the same hardware blocks. The new offering serves as a GPU platform to be implemented in 32-bit SoCs addressing a myriad of applications including next-generation smartwatches, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, video for surveillance and entertainment, and smart displays for point-of-sale/point-of-interaction terminals. NEOX™ IP pre-evaluation systems are available for customer testing and Think Silicon will be demonstrating 3D/2D graphics and machine learning applications at Embedded World.

NEMA®|pico-VG – High-Performance Graphics for Power-, Size- and Cost-Constrained Products

Think Silicon’s new NEMA®|pico-VG GPU is the latest addition of high-performance and ultra-low-power graphics for displays in battery-driven, power-constrained products. The multi-core, vector and 2.5D raster graphics GPU supports clock frequencies from 90-500MHz, 70 fps and 800x600 resolution in a tiny silicon area of 0.21mm2. Combining hardware accelerated vector and raster graphics in a single IP solution gives developers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best rendering technique based on the graphics content being displayed. The NEMA®|pico-VG uses smart compression algorithms to efficiently manage the valuable memory space, thereby reducing the CPU utilization by up to 95% compared to software-only solutions. The combination of RTL hardware blocks and software make the NEMA®|pico-VG the ideal high-performance graphics sub-system in power-, size- and cost-constrained products such as smartwatches, fitness/GPS trackers and smart home devices. The NEMA®|pico-VG production-ready RTL is expected to begin shipping to customers in Q4 2022.

“Unveiling the first RISC-V-based GPU is a significant milestone for the graphics industry and for Think Silicon,” said Ulli Mueller, Director of IP Licensing, Sales and Marketing at Think Silicon. “Our ultra-low-power, high-performance graphics solutions are designed to inspire developers to create exceptional user experiences for a wide variety of products and markets, while significantly decreasing energy consumption. We look forward to showcasing our latest innovations at the upcoming Embedded World event.”


Also featured at Embedded World will be Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GUI-Builder, a fast and easy-to-learn tool that enables programmers to reduce GUI development time on SoC platforms (MCU/MPU) by using drag-and-drop common control and input elements. NEMA®|GUI-Builder automatically produces power and performance optimized C code with a small memory footprint by utilizing the powerful 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series. NEMA®|GUI-Builder includes Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GFX software API and its highly efficient compression technology, NEMA®|TSC™, which can also be used with non-Think Silicon GPUs.

Think Silicon will exhibit in hall 4, booth 4-478 from June 21 to 23 at the Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany.

For more information about Think Silicon, please visit think-silicon.com.

About Think Silicon®

Think Silicon Research and Technology S.A, an Applied Materials company, is a leading provider of ultra-low power 2D & 3D graphics, AI and video IP for smart IoT/edge connected end nodes such as display and camera devices and embedded systems. At Think Silicon our innovation enables the rapid deployment of multitude applications on resource-constrained devices while significantly improving battery life to shape a more sustainable future in graphics, vision, and AI processing. Think Silicon Research and Technology S.A.’s headquarters and development center are based in Athens and Patras, Greece, with sales and technical support offices in North America, Europe and Taiwan.







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