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Our impressive range of scalable, licensable Vivante GPU cores addresses the rapidly advancing expectations of the semiconductor marketplace from small form-factor IoT type MCUs with low power consumption to powerful SoCs perfect for automotive and high end multimedia applications. Vivante GPUs are designed to fit any die size and power budget and are among the most cost effective solutions available anywhere.


  • Powerful – Not Power Hungry Whether you need a tiny extremely efficient GPU for a small MCU type product or a 500 to 1000 gigaflop GPU for your ultra high-end SoC (or anything in between ) we have your covered. The unique ability to configure Vivante GPUs for any power and performance requirement allows you to create scalable products with ease. Additionally, our unified software architecture lets you move from tiny GPUs to extremely large and powerful GPUs without the need to support different software solutions for each product. We can even help you design-in dynamic power and clock control to give you programmable "on the fly" control over your GPU solution – giving you GPU performance throttling how you want it and when you want it.
  • Plays Nice With Others VeriSilicon offers a wide variety of other graphics related IP blocks that work seamlessly with Vivante 3D GPU products; things like Vivnate 2D composition engines, Vivante 2D vector graphics engines, Hantro video codecs and Vivante display controllers. Of course, the configurable nature of our IP allows Vivante GPUs to interface and work perfectly with other vendors' graphics pipeline solutions as well. Our designs are standing by to help you interface Vivante GPU products into your product. We are with you every step of the way.
  • Nano Series to Vivante Nano IP Vivante IP s goal of optimizing power and performance per unit area makes its Nano IP series ideally suited to Internet of Things(IoT) development. With some of the smallest OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1 solutions, the Nano series also includes small footprint Vector Graphics IP and Display Controller IP. Our software support for these cores includes the super lightweight VGLite(TM) API, as well as Nano2D API for 2D and the Vivante VG API for Vector Graphics. Vivante Nano IP is at the cutting edge of technology to make small, fast yet full-featured devices.
  • Vision IP Machine vision is becoming a critical need in many automotive, industrial, medical, security and even retail markets. Vivante Vision IP (VIP) solution is one of the first licensable vision engines to achieve OpenVX 1.0 conformance as a dedicated vision processing block. With Algorithm-Level ProgrammabilityTM VIP allows for easy and rapid development of programmable applications approaching fixed function performance and efficiency. It is extremely fast and low power. It is perfect for adaptable mass-market applications as well as for high-end solutions in automotive ADAS systems that require object identification, pattern recognition and similar vision related features.
  • All the Help You Need We know that integrating a GPU into your product is no simple task – that is why our expert semiconductor engineers stand ready to help you any way they can. Whether it is simply helping identify what GPU solution is best for your product or helping you integrate and optimize the GPU into your product -we are there to help. VeriSilicon operates world-wide and is happy to meet with you to discuss your GPU needs anytime you want. Simply reach out to your nearest VeriSilicon sales office and schedule a meeting or meet with us at the next supported industry event!








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