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The Synopsys DesignWare® Few Time Programmable (FTP) Trim Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP provides the capability of reprogrammable NVM in a standard CMOS and Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) processes. Optimized for area and performance, the IP is designed for trim applications that require post package programming, in-field updates, or calibration at multiple temperatures. The reprogrammable NVM IP enables multiple time programmable (MTP) flexibility in similar overall area to one time programmable (OTP) solutions and requires no additional masks or processing steps.

Delivered as a hard IP block, the DesignWare FTP Trim NVM IP operates from a single core supply and includes all the necessary support and control circuitry, including all high-voltage generation and distribution required for programming.

The NVM IP reduces test costs and time by up to 3x by increasing the programming speed for special test modes and simplifying the IP complexity. For example, the IP includes bulk operations that enable designers to program the entire array in a single faster operation. In addition, designers can select test conditions and test limits that emulate temperature effects, thereby eliminating the need for testing across temperatures.

Tech Specs

Market SegmentIndustrial and Military Civil Aerospace, Communications, Others, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Data Processing
Maturity Available on request


  • Zero mask adder, single poly, floating gate, logic-only reprogrammable NVM solution
  • 64-bit to 2-Kbit configurations
  • Up to 10,000 write cycle endurance
  • Up to 15-year data retention at 150°C
  • Automotive Grade 0 temperature compliance (-40°C to 150°C)
  • Single core supply operation, uses 3 metal layers only
  • Silicon-characterized and qualified to meet industry standards (including industry standard IP9000, AEC-Q100 and JESD47F)
  • ASIL D Ready ISO 26262 Certified with functional safety features
  • Area includes complete macro with charge pumps, oscillator and bias circuitry


Databook, Production Test Flow document, Verilog behavior model, Abstract LEF and timing LIB files, GDSII layout database, Split Lot Characterization report, Qualification report








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