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CEVA Bluebud - DSP-enabled Bluetooth Audio IP Platform for TWS Earbuds and Wearables

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Bluebud™ is a unique self-contained, feature-rich IP platform to streamline the development of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and other advanced wireless audio devices including headsets, speakers, smartwatches and smart glasses. It is a unique, pre-integrated hardware and software solution built around the popular and proven RivieraWaves™ Bluetooth IP and CEVA-BX1 audio processor, together with all the required peripherals for wireless audio, in a compact low power design. Bluebud offers a simplified design architecture by using a single CEVA-BX1 processor with advanced DSP and control capabilities, that is far easier to embed into an SoC compared to alternative architectures using multiple (2-4) heterogeneous processing cores.

The software framework running on the CEVA-BX1 includes the CEVA Bluetooth protocol stack, supporting both Classic Audio and LE Audio, a comprehensive list of audio CODECs including SBC, mSBC, AAC, MP3 and LC3 to name a few, all integrated in an RTOS with a reference application and exposing an extensive API that enables customer differentiation.

A unique hardware and software combination addresses the deeply embedded challenges of true wireless stereo (TWS) scenarios, providing minimum jitter/latency between left and right, for both voice calls and music streaming. The low latency between RF and audio output ensures seamless audio/video sync and makes Bluebud suitable for gaming. The low power consumption makes Bluebud not only ideal for TWS earbuds and wearables, but also for hearing aid devices.

The Bluebud platform can be extended with CEVA add-on software plugins including:

  • ClearVox for multi microphone noise reduction & acoustic echo cancellation,
  • WhisPro for voice trigger & commands,
  • Motion Engine Hear for user control via tap and double tap, head movement, in ear detection, activity classification,
  • 3D audio,
  • 3rd party software based on customer requirements.

These plugins are integrated via CEVA's SenslinQ software framework, which allows the customer to focus on application development and simplifies design effort.







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