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Arm Cortex - M23 and Cortex - M33

All Silicon IP


For IoT to reach its potential, its foundation must be based on proven and trusted technology. The first Cortex-M processors, based on the ArmMv8-M architecture with TrustZone technology, will lead the way to secure, pervasive, 32-bit embedded compute and enable the acceleration of IoT adoption.
  • The Cortex-M33 offers 20% performance increase in the same process technology compared to the high embedded performance bars already established by Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors, while improving power efficiency

  • The Cortex-M23 brings security to even the most constrained devices and carries forward the standard set by Cortex-M0+ as the ultra-low power microprocessorin a tiny footprint. As well as security, these new processors delivera range of additional features, includingan enhanced bus interface to facilitate multi-processor designs. They offer a scalable solution, making it easier for developers to create solutions that span different performance points.

  • Cortex-M33 is highly versatile a single processor spanning wide capabilities. It provides configurable support for TrustZone, DSP,and floating point computation. Its newco-processor interface enables tightly coupled custom processing to be added while retaining all of the benefits of a vibrant tools ecosystem. The Cortex-M33 core will be the general-purpose 32-bit MCU processor of choice for secure embedded applications

  • Cortex-M23 is built for small, energy sipping IoT and embedded products. It extends the capability of the smallest lowest power devices, providing security, enhanced efficiency, performance and scalability for deployment even in the most constrained contexts.
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