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There is a growing awareness of threats posed by devices that were traditionally not considered security critical. With rising connectivity, versatility and programmability built into modern chips, many end up in a position where they can be used to facilitate the extraction of valuable data or influence operation of a critical system.

The growing impact and costs of security breaches are shifting the industry towards a future where sound security architectures and approaches must be employed to ensure device compliance with emerging standards and regulation. The lack of appropriate security functionality is quickly becoming the biggest threat to device longevity.

The GEON™ Security Platform, the essential suite of hardware security IP, is the natural response to support design teams across a wide spectrum of chip designs and industries. Since there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution in secure chip design, the GEON Platform includes all the common and usual security functions necessary to secure a modern SoC.

Block Diagram


  • GEON Secure Boot provides a hardware root of trust and ensures that only authentic, vendor-issued software is allowed to run on a device.
  • GEON Firmware Encryption protects the confidentiality and integrity of firmware or of software and related data.
  • GEON Secure Debug provides public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication of a debug user and the device, enabling secure JTAG access and secure failure analysis.
  • GEON HSM implements a hardware security module on a chip, enabling cryptographic operations while protecting (not exposing) secret key material.








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