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All Silicon IP


Networking Services

We are servicing our customers with our CCNP certified specialists by providing highly efficient, lower priced solutions at minimum risk that can be integrated to current structures, answer future requirements and be improved.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Adaptation
  • Turnkey Structural Data Cabling
  • Network Design
  • Security (Firewall, IPS, IDS, Anti-virus, Anti-spam)
  • VPN and Backup Systems
  • Network Server, Client and Service Installation
  • Hardware and Software Procurement, Installation and Performance Testing for WAN/LAN

Training and Consultancy

We have the know-how and experience to provide you every training that you may require in all stages from idea to product on integrated circuit design, embedded software and hardware design.


Fundamental FPGA Training

  • Digital Circuit Design
  • FPGA Based Design Flow
  • Embedded Design Flow with Xilinx Zynq

    Advanced FPGA Training

    • Advanced Embedded System Design
    • FPGA based Embedded Linux Design
    • Digital Signal Processing System Design
    • Digital Circuit Design with VerilogVHDL
    • Digital System Verification with SystemVerilog
    • System Design on FPGA

      Signal and Image Processing Training

      Custom Trainings


      • Electronics Software and Hardware Design Consultancy
      • Custom Design and Solutions for your Projects
      • IT Consultancy

    • Research & Development

      • Application Specific IP Design (FPGA or ASIC)
      • Vision Systems Design
      • Signal Processing Software and Hardware Design
      • Image Processing Software and Hardware Design
  • Tech Specs

    Country Turkey


    • Networking Services
    • Training and Consultancy
    • Research & Development

    Success Stories

    Design service in the scope of video image signal processing pipeline algorithm design and FPGA implementation
    Design services in the scope of sniper detection system algorithm development and FPGA implementation to defense company
    Design services in the scope of high speed digitization (1GS/s ADC sampling, on chip signal processing hardware architecture development, x2 10G interface packaging) tasks
    Design services in the scope of PCIe Root Complex based test system design
    On site training service to customers for several topics including timing driven FPGA design, incremental FPGA design, fundamental FPGA Design








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