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Designed for leading security chip vendors, product companies, testing labs, and government organizations, the DPA Workstation analysis platform is the world’s premier side-channel analysis platform that includes all of the hardware, software, and training needed to evaluate and certify secure devices.

The platform includes everything needed to collect, process, and analyze algorithms and devices out of the box. Custom test fixtures are included for analysis of smart cards and FPGA algorithms. Additionally, DPAWS provides the flexibility so that you can interface to your own devices. Signal probes, filters, and a wideband amplifier, used to acquire signals from a device under test, are provided with the DPAWS to improve your startup time. A carefully selected digital oscilloscope and PCI data acquisition card facilitate a wide variety of data collection. Collections and analyses can be scripted using native Python or MATLAB modules. Powerful visualization and analysis tools are included to facilitate the rapid and complete testing of hypotheses.


  • Supports Complete DPA Workflow
    • Users can perform every stage of the side-channel analysis process: Exploration, Acquisition, Signal/Pre-Processing, Prediction, Analysis/Partition, Hypothesis Evaluation
    • Project Library Management System- simple organization of test and analysis scripts in addition to the collected data
    • Integrated Help System-increase productivity and effectiveness of DPAWS with easy to use FAQs, wizards and knowledge base
  • Scripting modules for efficient development of collection and analysis scripts
    • Scope interface
    • Device-under-test (DUT) interface
    • Unified dataset API
    • Cryptographic algorithm support
    • Test data generators
    • Interface to trace viewer
    • Scripting utilities
  • Powerful data visualization software
    • Intuitive interface - easy to learn and use
    • View collected traces
    • SPA and trace difference analysis
    • View results of DPA
    • Supports alignment and other processing tools
    • Integrates with scripting modules
    • Accommodates display of very large traces and data sets
  • Ease of Data Acquisition
    • Supports efficient data capture from multiple A/D sampling devices and manipulation of very large data sets.
  • Multiple Devices and Sensors
    • Data collection environment is compatible with multiple device interfaces, form factors, and sensor types.
  • Cipher Support
    • Analyze a full range of standard ciphers and hashing algorithms:
  • Analysis Versatility
    • DPAWS can be used for simple device characterization to advanced DPA.
  • Analysis Workbench
    • DPAWS device interface and data collection environment
    • Signal processing
    • Hypothesis generation
    • Optimized DPA analysis utilities
    • Analysis tools
  • Hardware
    • Oscilloscope and PCI high-speed sampling card
    • Test probes, filters, and signal amplifier








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