Avery is a leader in Verification IP providing robust models, protocol checking, compliance testsuites, advanced UVM environment, and verification services for advanced protocols for high-speed serial IO, SSD/HDD, managed embedded flash, MIPI camera, display, audio, sensor, memory including DDR/LPDDR, HBM, Flash, Multimedia, Automotive networking, and control bus. Avery is the #1 VIP company in IP partnerships working with the IP industry including Northwest Logic, Mobiveil, CEVA, LnT, CAST, PLDA, Rambus, SLI, Arasan, and others. Avery is a leader in EDA verification solutions. SimXACT is a comprehensive, patented solution to automatically eliminate X bugs in RTL and gate-level simulation due to X-optimism and X-pessimism issues. Reset Optimization (ResetOPT) minimizes routing and area overhead by automatically selecting a subset of registers to reset while ensuring deterministic (non-X) reset state.   
4 SoCs

NVMe-Xactor VIP Solution
NVMe-Xactor is a comprehensive VIP solution portfolio for NVMe 1.2 used by SoC and IP designers to ensure comprehensive verification and protocol and timing compliance.

SimAccel FPGA-Accelerated Verification
Accelerate RTL Verification and SW Bring-up Target IPs and SoCs
  • NVMe controller
  • PCIe RC/EP IP, Repeater, Switch
  • Flash controller
  • AMBA NoCs and peripherals
  • M...

SimCluster GLS
Gate-Level Parallel Simulation : Reduce Time to Simulation Sign-off

SimXACT - Gate Simulation Productivity and Analysis Technology
Gate-Level X-Verification : Reduce Bring-up Time







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