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Side Channel Studio

All Silicon IP


Side-Channel Attacks (SCA) extract cryptographic keys from hardware systems by analyzing power traces or electromagnetic emission data from the target device along with the corresponding collection of plain and/or cipher data. The traditional approach of dealing with SCA by measuring device parameters after manufacturing is expensive and time-consuming.

FortifyIQ delivers a unique pre-silicon simulation and analysis solution, SideChannel Studio, which enables you to eradicate SCA vulnerabilities during the design phase. This can result in significant cost and schedule savings in your product development process. Furthermore, for U.S. government projects, compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cryptography certification FIPS 140-3 is required. This is also an emerging requirement in other organizations, especially in the U.S. It includes Test Vector Leakage Assessment (TVLA) tests that check the hardware systems for robustness to SCA. Using SideChannel Studio you can make sure, in the pre-silicon stage, that your device will pass the TVLA tests necessary for the NIST certification.

SideChannel Studio is a software tool which simulates side-channel attacks in a hardware device, using standard design data formats as inputs, and analyzes the simulation s results. SideChannel Studio consists of an SCA simulation engine, SCOPE IQ - Side Channel Optimized Probe Emulator, a virtual oscilloscope probe , and an SCA data analyzer, SCORE IQ - Side Channel Output Results Evaluator. SCOPE IQ uses a novel, patent-pending method of accurately simulating the side channel leakages which threaten the designed chip. SCOPE IQ has extremely high performance which may be even further boosted using distributed processing.







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