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Fault Injection Studio

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Fault Injection Attacks (FIA) extract secrets, e.g. cryptographic keys, from hardware systems by injecting faults, e.g. using a laser beam to disrupt the circuit function, or increasing operating frequency or supply voltage beyond their maximum specifications.

Until now, the only way to assess FIA vulnerabilities was to measure device parameters after manufacturing - an expensive and time-consuming process. FortifyIQ has developed a unique pre-silicon simulation and analysis solution, FaultInjection Studio, which allows you to identify FIA vulnerabilities during the design phase. You could potentially save - in tapeout, masks, and fab costs - millions of dollars and months of your product development.

FaultInjection Studio is a software tool which checks the robustness of your device s design to FIA using standard design data formats as inputs, and analyzing the simulated results.

FaultInjection Studio consists of an FIA simulation engine, FAST IQ - Fault Attack Simulator and Test and an FIA data analyzer, FIRE IQ - Fault Injection Results Evaluator.

FaultInjection Studio is a highly effective and flexible solution for pre-silicon FIA analysis, as well as post-silicon analysis with captured fault injection data. Its ease of use and extensibility makes it well suited both for new users as well as expert users looking to customize their FIA analysis environment. FortifyIQ s own experts are available for consultations about ways to maximize the utility of the system for your application.







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