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VeriHealth - one-stop health chip design platform

All Silicon IP


Based on VeriSilicon s own low-power IP series and advanced SoC customization technologies, VeriHealth provides a complete wearable health monitoring solution from chip design to reference application development at a platform level, and supports different levels of licensing and custom design services including software SDK, algorithm, intelligent hardware and applications, offering a variety of options with flexible configurations for customers.

The VeriHealth platform provides chip design solutions based on VeriSilicon s high-performance, low-power ZSP digital signal processing IP, ultra-low power BLE IP, and a mixed signal chip design platform, which significantly improves algorithm efficiency while lowering chip power consumption. The platform also provides a scalable software platform that includes firmware SDK, mobile SDK and mobile reference applications to enable a multi-level software framework design involving the driver, hardware abstraction layer, middleware and application layers.

Built with a deployment framework for machine learning and deep learning, the VeriHealth platform is equipped with more than 10 self-developed health and exercise physiology algorithm modules, providing customers with an algorithm platform for quick development and convenient further development, to meet various application scenarios such as nursing service for elders and kids, exercise monitoring, virus prevention, etc. VeriHealth can furthermore provide a variety of reference solutions. To date, VeriSilicon has developed two types of smart devices-wristband and patch, as well as Apps for iPhone, Android phone and iPad.







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