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16G PHY in TSMC (28nm, 16nm, 12nm)

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The multi-lane DesignWare® Multi-Protocol 16G PHY IP is part of Synopsys' high-performance multi-rate transceiver portfolio, meeting the growing needs for high bandwidth and low latency in enterprise applications. Using leading-edge design, analysis, simulation, and measurement techniques, the multi-protocol 16G PHY delivers exceptional signal integrity and jitter performance that exceeds the standards' electrical specifications. The PHY is small in area and provides a low active and standby power solution that supports multiple electrical standards including PCI Express, SATA, Ethernet, OBSI/CPRI, JESD204, Serial Rapid I/O and other industry-standard interconnect protocols. The DesignWare Multi-Protocol 16G PHY IP is optimized to meet the needs of applications with high-speed port side, chip-to-chip, and backplane interfaces.

The configurable transmitter and receiver equalizers enable customers to control and optimize signal integrity and at-speed performance. Continuous Calibration and Adaptation (CCA) provides a robust performance across voltage and temperature variations during normal mode of operation. The PHY supports low standby power with advanced L1 substates and low active power with I/O supply under drive, decision feedback equalization (DFE) bypass and V-Boost off. The embedded bit error rate (BER) tester and internal eye monitor provide on-chip testability and visibility into channel performance. The PHY integrates seamlessly with the DesignWare Physical Sublayers and digital controllers/media access controllers (MACs) to reduce design time and to help designers achieve first-pass silicon success. These features reduce both product development cycles and accelerate time-to-market.







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