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The next trend in silicon integration will be for ubiquitous connectivity in all forms of consumer electronics. Imagination connected Processor Platform combines MIPS processor, Ensigma connectivity and FlowCloud platform to deliver a new class of embedded Connected Processor solutions that will power the Iernet Everywhere generation of consumer electronics. Soon all mainstream consumer electronics products, and many others like lights, locks and white goods, will be connected to the internet. The world is getting so connected that soon creating any chip incorporating a processor without connectivity will seem as alien as designing a chip today without memory or peripherals. Connected devices are now truly past the what if phase - the future just about everything from the smallest, cheapest electronic device upwards will have an IP address and be connected to the world via the internet. The most innovative new products being released now and in the next few years are now all connected, and recognizing this we are developing new low power, connected processor IP cores based on our processor and communications architectures to enable an era of ubiquitous internet connectivity.


The Connected Processor IP Platform enables high volume consumer products to be connected not only to the internet but also to each other to make possible a world of universal connectivity. By delivering programmability both for general purpose applications as well as communications algorithms, these new IP cores will set the trend for next generation connectivity and embedded application platforms in consumer electronics.


The Connected Processor Platform combines Imagination IPS processors and Ensigma multi-standard programmable communications technologies, fully optimized for low power and high performance under all operating conditions. Alongside this, FlowCloud delivers a comprehensive and unique end-to-end connectivity solution featuring a sophisticated and highly configurable web portal. Chip designers can utilize a state of the art embedded processor IP platform that delivers multi-standard connectivity, alongside a high performance Linux or RTOS based applications environment as well as DSP-intensive algorithm execution all in one fully integrated IP solution.








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