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Automotive-Grade DesignWare MIPI CSI-2 Controller IP

All Silicon IP All Verification IP


The DesignWare® MIPI CSI-2 Host Controller IP is a fully verified and configurable controller IP that implements all protocol functions defined in the MIPI CSI-2 specification. The IP provides a high-speed serial interface between an application or image processor and image sensor. The DesignWare CSI-2 Host Controller IP can be configured to handle up to 8 data lanes or 3 trios and can support data transfers from 80 Mb/s in low-power mode to 3.5Gs/s per trio and 4.5Gb/s per lane. The IP handles all packet decoding and supports all CSI-2 specified data formats including: general frame or digital interlaced video with or without accurate sync timing and virtual channel interleaving. The DesignWare CSI-2 Host Controller IP supports wide PHY Protocol Interface (PPI) for reliable high-speed data transfer. The controller is ASIL B Ready ISO 26262 certified, meeting the stringent requirements of automotive functional safety applications.

Synopsys’ DesignWare MIPI CSI-2 Host Controller IP along with DesignWare MIPI CSI-2 Device Controller, I3C Controller, C-PHY/D-PHY, and D-PHY provide a complete camera interface IP solution that enables designers to lower their risk and cost of integrating the MIPI CSI-2 interface into image sensors, application processors, bridge integrated circuits (ICs) and multimedia coprocessors, while improving time-to-market.







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