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SENT/SAE J2716 Controller Core

All Silicon IP


The CSENT core implements a controller for the Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT) protocol. It complies with the SAE J2716 standard and also the industry de-facto standard Short PWM Code (SPC) protocol, and can be used for conveying data from one or multiple sensors to a centralized controller using a single SENT line.

CSENT is part of the line of automotive IP cores from CAST, Inc.The CSENT core can be configured as a Transmitter and/or as a Receiver, and therefore it is suitable for adding a SENT interface to devices transmitting sensor data or to controllers receiving sensor data. It provides access to its control, status, and data registers via a 32-bit APB bus interface, and a comprehensive set of interrupt signals facilitates interrupt-based operation. The core allows for Transmitter operation without requiring any external programming or control. The reset values for all its control registers are defined at synthesis time, and at run time the system only needs to write sensor data to the core.

The CSENT core is designed with industry best practices. The core contains no latches or tri-sates, and is fully synchronous with a single clock domain. The core is available in Verilog RTL or as targeted FPGA netlist. Deliverables provide everything required for a successful implementation, including sample scripts, an extensive testbench, and comprehensive documentation.







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