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FPGA Prototyping Solution for Image Processing Delivered by VeriTigers


Vision is the highest level of human perception and using images and videos as information carriers can create colorful applications. Image and video data acquisition, processing, output, and other technical realizations have significantly changed the production and life of modern society; intelligent mobile devices, such as photography, video, and other functions to record and share life has become more convenient, more colorful, medical imaging, face recognition, scientific visualization, car recording, security monitoring, defense detection, space exploration, and other frontier areas are permeated with image, video information processing technology, image processing has formed a substantial upstream and downstream industry.

With the progress of knowledge and the promotion of consumer upgrading, the picture and video data acquisition, processing, and output technology have developed to a reasonably sophisticated level; the pixels of the image sensor acquisition data are constantly improving, and the image signal processor can realize the functions of auto focus, auto exposure, bad point removal, lens shadow correction, demosaicing, color correction, gamma correction, noise reduction, compression and storage of data, etc. Furthermore, the development progress of high-speed transmission protocols such as MIPI enormously enhances the transmission speed of image processing data.

Meeting more cutting-edge application scenarios makes current image processing designs need to support complex and diverse functions. Meanwhile, modern digital image processing applications increasingly tend to miniaturize systems to accommodate the booming development of the mobile Internet, achieving multiple procedures and high integration requirements make contemporary digital image processing designs exponentially more complex while putting higher needs on the simulation and verification of the invention, which requires not only extensive testing and confirmation of the graphics processing. It is not only necessary to verify the design module iteratively, but also to evaluate and validate target SoC fully.







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