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Moortec In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem on TSMC N5P

All Silicon IP


Within the Moortec embedded in-chip monitoring subsystem fabric the Process Monitor provides the means for advanced node Integrated Circuit (IC) developers to detect the process variation of core digital MOS devices.

The Process Monitor can also be used to enable continuous Dynamic Frequency and Voltage Scaling (DVFS) optimisation systems, monitor manufacturing variability across chip, gate delay measurements, critical path analysis, critical voltage analysis and also monitor silicon ageing .
The subsystem also includes a Voltage Monitor which is a low power self-contained IP block specially designed to monitor voltage levels within the core logic voltage domains and provide accurate IR drop analysis.

The measurement range is customized to suit each technology. The monitor IP can also monitor analogue (IO) supply domains and is also well-suited to monitoring supply droops and perturbations.
To complete the system there is a high precision low power junction Temperature Sensor which has been developed to be embedded into ASIC designs.

It can be used for a number of different applications including DVFS, device lifetime enhancement, device characterisation and thermal profiling.

The package also includes a sophisticated PVT Controller with AMBA APB interfacing, which supports multiple monitor instances, statistics gathering, a production test access port as well as other compelling features.

The subsystem is available on TSMC 40nm LP/ULP, 28nm HPC, HPC+, HPM, 16nm FFC/FF+, 12nm FFC, 7nm FF, and N5P processes.

The elements of the subsystem are :








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