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NEMA|pico XL 1000/2000/4000 - 2.5D Multi-Core GPU for Microcontrollers

All Silicon IP


NEMA®|pico XL-Series is the only no-compromise graphics solution offering SoC-optimized GPU IP bundled with a feature-complete design and targeting the most competitive PPA for mid to high-end wearables and embedded IoT display products. The holistic approach is to reduce the overall system power by minimizing memory and display access without sacrificing graphics quality and performance.

The NEMA®|pico XL-Series is a scalable and flexible multi-core GPU IP-platform, which meets the rigid requirements of memory and power limited SoCs with the need of the latest and greatest GPU hardware in MCU class SoCs (ARM® M class, ARC® EM5D, RISC-V). With clock frequencies as low as 100MHz (not limited), NEMA®|pico XL renders natively fluent and stunning 2.5D graphics.

The modular IP building block system allows to add additional extensions to perform Vector Graphics4 functions and HD Video Overlay2 making it a perfect candidate for higher-end embedded display and video applications. With the ability to run on bare metal / RTOS requiring only small on-chip memory and system resources, NEMA®|pico XL GPU-Series saves cost and is a GPU power house in its own class. The software driver stack, SDK and toolkit "NEMA®|GFX", provides an easy to use programming environment with aggressive power savings, intelligent composition, rendering and bandwidth modifications to build a rich and ultra-low power graphical user experience.







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