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Hantro H1 Multi-format Video Encoder

All Silicon IP


Hantro H1 multi-format hardware encoder brings an unbeatable performance for any video encoding application. It is also the first hardware encoder in the market to support Google s VP8 video format for WebM and Web RTC applications enabling real-time HD video conferencing application (see more information on Web RTC requirements)

Intended for chips powering devices such as smart phones, feature phones, digital still cameras, tablets, STB, surveillance cameras, and video cameras. Hantro H1 is based on silicon-proven designs deployed in hundreds of millions of chips worldwide, providing semiconductor manufacturers with a minimal risk solution for integrating high performance video capability into their chips.

Hantro H1 encoder design is exceptionally fast, requiring less than 200MHz clock frequency to encode 1080p video at 30 fps. This allows support for 3D encoding (H.264 MVC) for full HD resolution. Also 4K x 2K @ 30/60 frames per second are supported by a multi-core solution. Additionally, Hantro H1 support many proprietary features such video stabilization, scene change detection, motion detection, face detection and region-of-interest coding to enhance different use cases.

Hantro H1 is market s lowest power video encoding solution consuming around 70mW for full HD video encoding and less than 15mW for SD video encoding.







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