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DVB-S2/S/T2/T/C Combo Demodulator IP

All Silicon IP


This is a combo IP core package for complete DVB-T, T2, C, S and S2 demodulator IPs. All these IP cores are extracted from a production chip and a silicon-proven IP core. The operation is like exclusive in that only one signal (standard) can be processed at any time. The DVB-T2 demodulator features microcontroller-assisted operation enabling the fast-tracking and response times demanded by the T2 standard. For the T, C, S, and S2 standards, where the demands for immediate response are much lower, classical software control from the host processor has been implemented. Even though the silicon implementation is highly optimized, allowing each standard to share common hardware blocks, the effort has been made to maintain a common look and feel with the established product line.

The Optimization of the T2 microcode requires additional compilers. The DVB T, T2, and C demodulators share a common input that may be operated in ZIF mode or in IF mode. Silicon as well as traditional CAN tuners are supported through a flexible IF/baseband interface with IF/BB AGC and I2C control. A separate input is implemented for the DVB-S and S2 demodulators. This is single-channel tuner range is fully supported. Furthermore, the flexible ZIF IQ inputs, RF AGC, and I2C allow the use of third-party tuner solutions when required.







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