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RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy Baseband Controller, software and profiles

All Silicon IP


CEVA's RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy IP is a comprehensive and flexible solution for integration into SoCs/ASSPs.

The RW-BLE hardware baseband controller core (RW-BLE-BB), in charge of packet encoding/decoding and frame scheduling, is complemented by a hardware AES128 encryption engine for real time encryption/decryption of the packets.
The firmware is composed of the Link Layer(LL) and Host Control Interface (HCI). It is provided with reference platform drivers and with a small task scheduler offering task management, inter-task communications, message (queues and events) management and timing management, for use as standalone or integrated into other real time OS. For LE Audio applications, it supports the ISO feature.

For a more comprehensive solution, the RW-BLE baseband controller IP is complemented with:
  • the RW-BLE-SW host protocol stack and profiles. It can be combined with the firmware of the RW-BLE baseband controller to create a fully embedded or fully hosted solution, or run on a separate micro-controller.
  • the RW-BT-RF IP. This is a complete radio transceiver including modem compliant with Bluetooth low energy.
  • for full LE Audio support, the Generic Audio Framework (GAF) software package complements the ISO feature. The Apple proprietary MFi LEA software package is also proposed for hearing aid devices.

    The combined RW-BLE firmware and RW-BLE-SW host protocol stack and profiles form a highly flexible solution supporting 3 different configurations:
  • Fully hosted configuration: all software is running on the same embedded processor. There is no HCI. Alternatively, the complete software can run on a host/application processor, driving a CPU-less BLE IC containing the RW-BLE-BB baseband controller core.
  • Split configuration: lower layers below HCI are running on the embedded processor while the upper layers above HCI are running on the host/application processor.
  • Fully embedded configuration: all software is running on the embedded processor, while the application is running on the host/application processor.

    A processor agnostic turnkey fully integrated platform with embedded open source RISC-V processor is also proposed as a cost effective and short time to market alternative solution.

    The RW-BLE-SW host protocol stack and profiles can also be used with any Bluetooth low energy HCI controller IC.

    For LE audio applications, CEVA's RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP is well complemented by the CEVA Sound solutions including the CEVA-BX1/2 audio/voice DSPs, ClearVox voice processing software package, Whispro speech recognition software package and a comprehensive list of CODECs and other sound processing software packages. The HillCrest Labs MotionEngine is another complementary software package optimized for touch and motion detection in headsets and earbuds.
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