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Post silicon security evaluation tool - Analyzr

All Silicon IP


ANALYZR supports common embedded systems technologies, including: FPGA, ASIC or End-Device. It allows the security assessment of any type of implementation. This could be:
- A cryptographic module: This is dedicated to any cryptographic function
- A Non-cryptographic module
Using the Analyzr, running a security evaluation is a set of simple steps, which allow going end-to-end from the hardware setup and the acquisition up to the security evaluation report. This security evaluation can be passive physical attacks such as Side Channel Attack and/or active physical attack such as Fault Injection Attack.
The platform comes with several equipment and materials necessary to conduct a full evaluation covering the highest security levels as specified by standards.
The Use-Cases are practical user-guides and tutorials that provide a turnkey template to support and guide the ANALYZR user through an evaluation methodology: from the acquisition to evaluation. The ANALYZR provides a rich and full Use-Cases solution ranging from basic analyses on unprotected crypto designs to more sophisticated analyses on full target with crypto and non-crypto modules. The solution comes with structured projects including the target, analysis sources and ready templates for report generations. The goal behind is to help the user improving his skills in term of both aspects: designing for security and having expertise for security evaluation.
ANALYZR provides a complete and rich user command line interface (CLI) that allows the evaluator to script an end-to-end process based on a console. The end-to-end scripting process includes sequentially: SCA analysis setting and SCA analysis run.
ANALYZR is the ultimate in-lab tool for assessing the security design of any embedded system; security designers developed it for security designers and certification labs. The user interface is highly advanced and yet extremely user-friendly. In addition to licensing the platform software, Secure-IC also provides tools to perform active attacks. Plug in your algorithms, attack, analyze at the bit level, reinforce.







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