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Cordio BT4 Radio IP Platform

All Silicon IP


The CORDIO BT4 Radio is a highly integrated and ultra-low power CMOS radio IP that incorporates Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.1 (or higher) with a Low Energy Core Configuration and is suitable for applications requiring single-mode devices. CORDIO BT4 is the only native sub-1 Volt platform in the market today - all the core circuits within the SMD radio are designed at 950 mV (nominal). Due to the lower operating point for the internal circuits, the total power consumed during TX and RX is only 6 mW (6 mA @ 1 V). The radio has a receive sensitivity of -94 dBm.

This IP solution is a fully integrated platform that includes a transceiver, baseband, and link layer (LL) subsystem for separate and independent execution of the link layer and the host controller interface (HCI). The integrated LL subsystem provides an energy efficient, timing-independent interface to the host processor, enabling easy implementation of the stack and application layers. In addition, the subsystem intelligently controls the sleep and wake-up times of the host processor leading to lower system-wide power consumption. We provide firmware (link layer) up to the HCI in ROM and offer access to a separately licensable upper layer Bluetooth Low Energy stack.







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