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Callite-C4 : 400GE/OTN Transponder (with AES)

All Silicon IP


The Callite-C4 offers a dynamically reconfigurable 400GE or 4x100GE to 4xOTU4, 2xOTUC2 or 1xOTUC4 transponder/muxponder solution. It is a single SOC ASIC/FPGA-based solution. A standard set of software API (application programming interface) or a customizable software driver comes with all SOC solution to allow ease of client software development. Customization in the SOC and Software API/driver is also available for our clients through our design services.
The current version (v1) support Ethernet clients like 100G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ba with 802.3bj FEC option) or 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bs-2017). The Callite-C4 (v2) will support 200GE or the new 100GE clients when their standard becomes available in the near future. The Callite-C4 comes with optional Ethernet MAC/RS statistic and performance monitoring and AES-GCM encryption capability at OPU layer.

This SOC solution offers state of the art technology to our clients as well as allowing quick adaptability to change in technology and standards. We always keep our SOC code-base updated as close to the release date of latest standard update. This allows extremely short time-to-market with the latest technology offered.

Callite-C4 is 400G SOC solution to transpond 4x100GE or 400GE client onto Optical Transport Network (OTN). In 4x100GE mode, each lane can be configured independently and clocking and timing are also independent. In 400GE/OTUC4 mode, the Callite-C4 processes the OTUC4 OH bytes in multiplexed fashion. In OTUC4 mode, the GFEC per 100G slice can be disabled or removed if external coherence module or high-gain FEC is used.







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