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ARM AMBA Corelink

All Silicon IP


The Arm CoreLink CMN-600 Coherent Mesh Network is designed for intelligent connected systems across a wide range of applications including networking infrastructure, storage, server, HPC, automotive, and industrial solutions. The highly scalable mesh is optimized for Armv8-A processors and can be customized across a wide range of performance points.

The CMN600 model uses the baseline NoC library shipped with VisualSim Architect. This library models the routing, unique crossbar for each type of traffic- Request, Response, Data, and Snoop. There is a virtual channel support on the Egress port. All the standard Request Nodes, Slave Nodes, Bridges and Home Nodes are supported. The Snooping protocol is implemented and the XP can connect to AXI buses, Memory controllers and other Slaves.
The base model demonstrates the implementation of a NoCon a semiconductor. Traffic originates at a NoC_TG block and traverses the network to arrive at a destination. The Source and Destination are set at the TG block. The link configuration is set in a Lookup Table. The Routers are connected to each other in a mesh pattern.

Router is a called XP or CrossPoint. The Router support two devices per node and four network connections. The flows are based on message type and Quality of Service.







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