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About Actt
ACTT, a fast growing Chinese IP Company, found in December 2011 and started it mass production in 2012. With the capability to develop low cost, low energy consumption, high performance product, ACTT provides customer professional analog and mixed-signal IP solutions and offer one-stop design services to our global customers. Our company can meet the customers’ need by customize IP solutions in a flexible way, and these include interface, clock generator, AD/DA, PMU, RF, CMOS Sensor and etc. To satisfy our company’s requirements, out company also offer a complete set of solutions that yield precise design with high efficiency and help our customers stay competitive.
ACTT s IP design includes CMOS/BicMOS/Bipolar/DMOS range from 1um to 4nm. Based on 55nm, 110nm, 130nm, 180nm CMOS process, ACTT designed a series of unique IP solutions, including series of ultra-low energy consumption LDO, Crystal-less USB, free-capacitance LDO, total solution for small size and low power USB2.0, compact size and low energy consumption USB3.0, ultra-low energy consumption and high performance audio CODEC, Beidou/GPS receiver, fingerprint sensor and UKEY solution, high speed Serdes, MTP, etc.
After years of extensive experience in developing Embedded-flash process, ACTT has successfully developed analog platform for multiple product lines including MCU analog platform, IoT analog platform, security analog platform, motor control analog platform, smart card analog platform, etc. These are widely used in IoT, Security, Beidou navigation, high speed transmission, automotive electronics, biological recognition, industrial control, instruments, meters and etc.
With track record in mass production, sophisticated design process and great resources in IC industry, ACTT can assist customers complete either their logic netlist designs or IC FT testing, and further cutting cost, shortening design cycle for customers and increasing product performance.
ACTT will team up with our customers and partners to achieve mutual benefits.
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