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Arasan Chip Systems - SoC Design Services
Arasan Chip Systems is a leading provider of Total IP solutions for mobile storage and connectivity applications. Arasan’s high-quality, silicon-proven Total IP Solutions include Digital IP Cor...

Dolphin Integration - ASIC/SoC Services Full turnkey offering
Full Turnkey offering: from specifications to component delivery Dolphin Integration is providing the appropriate solutions all along the project phases: feasibility, specification, development, prot...

Dolphin Integration - IC Design services
The single challenge of SoC integrators is to tape-out a circuit right-on-first pass, but experience shows that a significant part of integration failures results from lack of work on specifications. ...

Dolphin Integration - Supply Chain Management
Once the industrialization of a product has been performed, the product enters into volume fabrication. Its fabrication life can span from six months to several decades depending on the targeted marke...

Intilop Corp.- SoC Design Services
Intilop has several groups who can take on projects that range from a small 100k Gate FPGA design/integration to 10 M gate SOC Design/integration/Verification project or a small 2 inch x 2 inch board ...

Mixel, Inc.- IC Design Services
Mixel is focused on providing intellectual property cores and design services in the mixed-signal IC area. Mission Statement Provide our customers/partners with outstanding IP s and design s...

Mobiveil Inc.- Consulting and Design services


Mobiveil’s IP Enabled services is a highly specialized services for its IP customers for customizing mobiveil IP for special applications or enhance its performance...

PLDA - Design and Consulting Services
PLDA’ s ASIC, SoC and FPGA design methodology encompasses a simulation and verification based approach. We integrate our RTL designs with bus functional models, embedded processor models and tes...

S3 Semiconductors - Consulting and Design services
Professional Services in a Digital World Next generation multiscreen platforms bring increasing capabilities and opportunities for the entire digital TV industry but at the same time these plat...

Silex Insight - Custom design services and consultancy
Custom design services and consultancy in digital design.

ASIC - SoC Silex Insight offers complete SoC design development for ASIC and structured ASIC. We handle all steps from the conceptio...

Silvaco, Inc. - PDK Development Services
Silvaco offers fast-turnaround and affordable services for TCAD, SPICE Modeling, and PDK development. PDK Development Services

EDA Tools in Custom IC Design Services

  • Gateway Sch...

True Circuits, Inc.- SoC Design Services
True Circuits develops and markets a broad range of Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs), Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs), and other mixed-signal designs for integrated circuits for the semiconductor, systems and elec...

VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. - SoC Design Services
VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaS) company that provides IP-centric, platform based custom silicon solutions and end-to-end semiconductor turnkey services for a...

Chips & Media - Custom Design Services
Chips&Media was proudly established by leading members with years of profound experiences on video standard technologies and semiconductor industry. Our video codec technologies cover the full line-up...

Global Unichip Corporation - SoC Design Services
GUC has been delivering SoC design services on 0.5um to 16nm technology. GUC chip implementation solution resolves the challenges of multi-hundred-million gates design, GHz operating frequency, noise ...

HDL Design House - Expertise, design and verification services
HDL Design House delivers leading-edge design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC and FPGA projects. The company develops IP cores and provides complete design and verifica...

INSIDE Secure - Design Services, Security
Mobility, cloud computing, and increasing connections between systems, information and people are radically changing the way we live and work. The electronic connections we rely on have become critica...

SiliconGate LDA - Design, Integration, Characterization Services
Silicongate is an integrated circuit design company specialized in analog and mixed-signal IP. Specification Expert Specification Review Cost effective solutions are presented for the PMU taki...

Codasip - Design Services, RISC-V
Codasip rapid IP exploration and refinement. Codasip offers two possible paths to create your unique processor architecture.
  • Codix cores tailoring Hit the ground running by using a proven Codix...

  • 20
    Comcores - Engineering Services
    Comcores is available to support any product development efforts, feasibility studies or technical research related to digital communication blocks. Comcores has established robust quality managemen...

    eSilicon - ASIC Design Services

    Foundry Engineering

    Foundry engineering support provides safeguards for the high non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost of implementing new products. eSilicon provides the fab device and ...

    Faraday - SoC Design Services
    The increasing complexity, interface, and functionality of SoCs have brought out much more challenges than the traditional chip implementation. To make the highly-integrated system, SoC designer are r...

    Fraunhofer IIS - Research and development services
    Fraunhofer IIS provides worldwide development of microelectronic circuits, devices, software and systems up to complete industrial solutions. Fields of application expertise are information and commun...

    IP-Maker SoC Design Services
    IP-Maker is an expert in Intellectual Properties (IP) for high performance storage applications. We provide a complete solution for storage application development including a full set of IPs, low lev...

    L&T Technology Services - Engineering Services
    We offer services and solutions for Commercial Vehicles including Utility and Speciality applications. Our services span across full life cycle that ranges from preliminary concept design to aftermark...

    Northwest Logic - Customization services
    Northwest Logic offers its customers a wide range of optional IP Core customization services. These services can include:
    • Modifying an IP Core to add customer requested features
    • Puttin...

    NTLab - IC Design Services
    NTLab can design a wide range of ICs:
    • by signal: digital, analog (including RF) and mixed-signal;
    • by technology nodes: CMOS 40... 180 nm, RF CMOS 65... 180 nm, SiGe BiCMOS 130... 350 n...

    Openfive - SoC Design Services

    Full Turnkey Custom SoC Offering

    Open-Silicon partners with customers to provide turnkey custom SoC solutions needed to get semiconductor products to market. For some customers, that is...

    Sankalp Semiconductor - End to end Application Specific SoC (ASoC) Realization Partner
    Sankalp的ASIC / FPGA功能为芯片实现提供端到端服务。 该团队为客户提供了从ASIC设计,验证和物理设计到半导体过程任何阶段参与硅验证的能力。
  • 新设计
  • 模具尺寸减小
  • 降低成本
  • 功能增强
  • ...

    Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd - SoC Design Center
    Sankalp Semiconductor is a Semiconductor Technology service provider. At Sankalp, we engage with product engineering teams, all over the world, to design System-on-Chip. We help our customers achieve ...

    Silicon Storage Technology - Custom Design Services
    Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST), is the creator of SuperFlash® , an innovative, highly reliable and versatile type of NOR Flash memory. SST, the leader in embedded flash memory, was founded...

    SureCore - SureFIT, Application - Centric SRAM Design Services
    sureCore Ltd is an IP company focused on the development of power efficient physical IP for next generation silicon processes at 28nm and below.

    SureFit™ Custom SRAM Design Service

    T2M -Expertise and Design services
    BLE Expertise From chip design to board design we help provide the talent and capacity for new product development, shorten time to market, increase derivative portfolio and drive revenue.

    Truechip Solutions - Design and Verification services
    Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions - which help you, accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the devel...

    VIDATRONIC, Inc.- SoC Design Services
    Founded in 2010, Vidatronic is a fabless semiconductor and systems company specializing in the design of advanced-architecture, energy-efficient power management solutions for embedded and stand-alone...

    Accord Software and Systems- Avionics Software and Hardware Engineering Services
    Accord- Avionics Software and Hardware Engineering Services

    Engineering Capabilities

    • Full life cycle development - as per DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-160F/G at DAL - A to D
    • ...

    ALMA Technologies S.A.- Engineering services
    Alma Technologies S.A. designs, markets, sells and supports its high-quality, innovative and feature-rich FPGA and ASIC semiconductor IP products since 2001. The company is a pure IP provider that pla...

    ASIC/SoC Design
    Cortus has wide experience designing ASICs & SoCs and architecting complex systems for clients with many different needs. such as:
    • Mixed Signal, Analog and RF
    • Complex Processing (...

    ASTC - IC Engineering
    Our ASTC team of expert engineers can develop, test, integrate, deliver and support all or select components of your new project. Services span IP, models, virtual platforms, ICs, hardware, embedded s...

    Avery Design Systems - SoC Design Services
    Founded in 1999, Avery Design Systems, Inc. enables system and SOC design teams to achieve dramatic functional verification productivity improvements through the use of Formal analysis applications fo...

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