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Intellifusion Licenses ArterisIP FlexNoC Interconnect IP for Machine Learning and Visual Intelligence Systems-on-Chip

CAMPBELL, Calif. , Nov. 07, 2017 –  ArterisIP, the innovative supplier of silicon-proven commercial system-on-chip (SoC) interconnect IP, today announced that Shenzhen Intellifusion Technologies Co., Ltd., has licensed FlexNoC Interconnect IP for use in machine learning visual intelligence SoCs that will target both data center and embedded applications. Intellifusion creates industrial-scale systems that implement artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform near-real time vision recognition. "Our machine learning and vision algorithms require guaranteed bandwidth and latency between on-chip hardware engines, in addition to low power consumption and performance efficiency required for data center and embedded use cases. ArterisIP FlexNoC was the best interconnect IP that could meet these requirements," said Ning Chen, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Intellifusion. "We also felt that ArterisIP provided the lowest risk to our design teams because the FlexNoC IP is silicon-proven in so many designs, and ArterisIP has a local support team that has been very responsive to our needs." "We are honored that Intellifusion has chosen ArterisIP's FlexNoC as their on-chip interconnect backbone for their machine learning SoCs," said K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of ArterisIP. "Our IP is uniquely suited for the next generation of visual computing systems based on machine learning, as these systems require that customers like Intellifusion be able to quickly and efficiently connect a large number of custom processing elements on the SoC while meeting stringent constraints in terms of performance, area and power consumption." About ArterisIP ArterisIP provides system-on-chip (SoC) interconnect IP to accelerate SoC semiconductor assembly for a wide range of applications from automobiles to mobile phones, IoT, cameras, SSD controllers, and servers for customers such as Samsung, Huawei / HiSilicon, Mobileye (Intel), Altera (Intel), and Texas Instruments. ArterisIP products include the Ncore cache coherent and FlexNoC non-coherent interconnect IP, as well as optional Resilience Package (ISO 26262 functional safety) and PIANO automated timing closure capabilities. Customer results obtained by using the ArterisIP product line include lower power, higher performance, more efficient design reuse and faster SoC development, leading to lower development and production costs. For more information, visit www.arteris.com or find us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/arteris. About Intellifusion Intellifusion, established in Aug 2014, mainly produces an artificial intelligence chip to perform visual recognition and big data analysis. Intellifusion is the leader of Dynamic Facial Recognition;combining machine learning and new processor chip technology, Intellifusion's vision is to eventually bring "intelligence everywhere". The company's smart vision systems offer functions including real-time notification upon identification of a target individual, accuracy within a certain number of seconds for identifying a target individual from among hundreds of thousands of people captured in video feeds, and smart route prediction. Intellifusion has set up a police-grade dynamic facial recognition system named DeepEye in Shenzhen to support investigations by government public security departments and help find lost children. The DeepEye system has been successfully launched in over 10 provinces in China and some of the Southeast Asia countries. For more information, visit www.intellif.com/en/index.html.








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