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Dolphin Integration introduces new Dual Port memory compilers in TSMC 40 nm

Grenoble, France – May 21, 2018 -- Dolphin Integration, leader in innovative design solutions for the next generation of energy-efficient System-on-Chips, has announced the launch of its new Dual Port RAM compiler ”ERA” in TSMC 40 nm. This cost-effective RAM compiler creates memories maximizing battery life whilst reducing silicon area. Capable of generating instances ranging from 64 bits to 288 kbits, it also features a new ultra-low leakage stand-by “NAP” mode, allowing a leakage reduction of up to 35% compared to standard stand-by modes with a single clock cycle wake-up time. WIPE, a new feature available as an add-on, allows the reset of the memory in only 5 clock cycles.

The ERA Dual-Port memory compiler is available in Single or Dual Rail with high density, low power, low leakage optimization, in TSMC 40 nm uLP or uLPeF. Power switches can be embedded as an option.

The ERA memory compilers are available for evaluation on your private ”MyDolphin” portal.

The ERA architecture has already been silicon proven in TSMC 55 nm and migrated to the TSMC 40 nm technology node. The following views are available:

Dual Port RAM compiler in TSMC 40nm IP Cores

About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration is a pioneer in solutions allowing the design of energy efficient Systems-on-Chip, with a unique offering of high-density Foundation, Feature and SoC Fabric Silicon IP components best suited for low power-consumption. Dolphin Integration’s success stories range far and wide and include all the major actors in the semiconductor industry. With 30 years of experience in the integration of silicon IP components coupled with complementary EDA solutions for a power-integrity driven approach to design, and ASIC/SoC design and fabrication, Dolphin Integration is a true one-stop shop.

Not just one more supplier of Technology, but the provider of the Dolphin Integration know-how!

If you liked reading our announcement visit us www.dolpin-integration.com

Dolphin Integration introduces new Dual Port memory compilers in TSMC 40 nm







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