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Chips&Media launches HEVC/H.264 combined codec IP (Single Core) optimized for UHD (4K, 60 FPS)

Seoul, Korea – June 13th, 2018 -- Chips&Media, Inc. a leading video IP company headquartered in Seoul, Korea, announced the introduction of WAVE521C, a new codec IP with single core based integrated HEVC and H.264.

UHD (4K, 60FPS) resolution targeting WAVE521C is optimally designed and architected to support real-time encoding and decoding of both HEVC and H.264 as a combined IP. By sharing common blocks of HEVC and H.264 codec, the IP architecture becomes streamlined with minimum logics and memories fitting into small sized SoCs. Thereby, SoCs using WAVE521C is perfectly suited for applications requiring high performance with very low power consumption.

The challenges for supporting UHD at high frame rate and bit depth are to overcome memory bus bandwidth suffering, and to effectively control the bitrate to save storage costs. In WAVE521C, to cope with these challenges, features such as Frame Buffer Compression and specialized bitrate control algorithm are integrated. Chips&Media’s proprietary CFrame™, the lossless compression technology, significantly reduces the bus bandwidth by 50% on average while improving the data access pattern.

Also, additional bitrate control implemented to the IP saves data in several intelligent ways. Incorporated ROI (Region Of Interest) enables to encode at higher quality where user defined, and by detecting the background of the scenes, moving objects in foreground are applied with more bits for quality improvement while saving data. Moreover, When video is encoded under low light environment, inevitably the noise is involved and consumes extra bit rates than in normal situation. 3DNR built-into the IP effectively removes these noise and reduces the inefficiently consumed bitrate whilst, extra bandwidth is not required as 3DNR re-utilizes necessary functional blocks already in WAVE521C’s video encoder.

“By incorporating WAVE521C, Socionext can deliver high quality image signal processors that meet the needs of various camera applications,” says Mitsugu Naito, Corporate Senior Vice President and the head of the Imaging Solution Business Unit of Socionext Inc. “The synergy with Chips&Media’s advanced technology was exactly what we needed to develop such products and solutions.”

HEVC + H.264 Codec IP Cores

To support higher resolution (8K) and higher frame rate (120fps) for the future demands from the market, WAVE521C is extensible to multiple cores, complementing the scalability to its architecture.

About Chips&Media, Inc.

Chips&Media is the leader in the video hardware IP. Chips&Media’s extensive video IPs, including deep learning based computer vision, computational photography and image signal processing have orchestrated Chips&Media to transform itself as total Video IP provider.

Chips&Media’s IPs were licensed by over 80 customers, who have acclaimed them for low power usage, high-performance, small-size, reliability and market references, and these praised IPs range from legacy codecs to computer vision as follows:

To find further information, please visit the company's web site at http://www.chipsnmedia.com

Chips&Media launches HEVC/H.264 combined codec IP (Single Core) optimized for UHD (4K, 60 FPS)







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