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New Generation OTP/MTP/NVM Total Solution from AGICIP ( Artificial General Intelligence Cosmos IP )

Taiwan, Jan. 14, 2019 – 

New generation needs new technology, especially during AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) generation.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C. Jan. 14, 2019 While most of current OTP/MTP solutions are struggled during high temperature and low temperature operations, AGICIP (Artificial General Intelligence Cosmos IP total solution) develops C-Fuse OTP to solve these issues. Also, it is frustrated to find an actual OTP/MTP solutions customized for advance nodes from 55nm/65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 22nm, 16nm/14nm to 7nm, 5nm and below. Especially below 16/14nm processes, some OTP/MTP solutions are always troubled during mass production even they have completed the qualification.

How to cope the above issues?

The answer is clear that you need a new generation OTP/MTP technology, whose solutions are originally designed for Car and Space Vehicle applications. For AGICIP, our considerations are not only focus on qualification, but also monitor the situation after mass production under the toughest operation temperatures (-75°C ~ over 195°C) and operating environments (Radio/Electric/Optic/Cosmic Rays).

For different materials and processes, such as CMOS, BJT, BCD, DRAM, Flash, and etc., we only need some modifications to meet the requirement of process factors. In the other words, our technologies are flexible for all foundries, IC designs, and manufactures.

Now we have two available product lines (A-Fuse and C-Fuse) and D-Fuse is now developing. D-Fuse is designed for replacing Masked ROM applications and the area will be much smaller than Masked ROM in the future.

OTP IP Cores, MTP IP Cores, NVM IP Cores

About AGICIP Technology:

  1. A-Fuse, C-Fuse, and D-Fuse
  2. With NO additional mask Steps in different processes including CMOS, BJT, DRAM, BCD, HV, and etc.
  3. Reliably programmed through a controlled, non-reversible current programmed bits.
  4. Portable across all Nodes.
  5. Use the existing standard processes.
  6. Covering the processes from 350nm to 5nm and beyond.
  7. Operation temp from -55°C to 175°C and beyond.
  8. The smallest area of the OTP in the World.

Welcome to visit our web and contact with us for detail presentation and discussion.

AGICIP (www.agicip.com)

Artificial General Intelligence Cosmos IP total solution.








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