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CAN to TSN Gateway from CAST Bridges CAN 2.0/FD Buses with Time Sensitive Ethernet

IP core provides easy integration of up to seven CAN buses with an Ethernet network in automotive and industrial systems; will be shown at TSN/A Conference

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — October 4, 2019 — Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. today announced the availability of a CAN to TSN Ethernet IP core that gives automotive and industrial system designers an easy and cost-effective way to link CAN 2.0 and FD buses or devices with a Time Sensitive Ethernet network.

The company believes the CAN2TSN is among the first—and perhaps the only—available silicon IP solution for the growing challenge of integrating conventional and new networks in evolving, data-driven automotive and industrial systems. Developed by CAST using CAST IP and CAN and TSN cores sourced from partner Fraunhofer IPMS (www.ipms.fraunhofer.de), the new CAN2TSN CAN-to-TSN Ethernet Gateway/Bridge provides:

CAN to TSN Gateway IP Cores

The CAN2TSN Gateway IP core is shipping now. A complete CAN2TSN reference design board is also available; CAST will be demonstrating it with Fraunhofer IPMS in their booth at the TSN/A Conference in Bad Homburg, Germany, October 8–9, 2019.

The CAN2TSN CAN-to-TSN Ethernet Gateway/Bridge is part of CAST’s Automotive Interfaces IP suite, which also includes CAN, TSN, SENT, and LIN IP cores. Learn more about this and CAST’s complete line of IP by visiting www.cast-inc.com, emailing info@cast-inc.com, or calling +1 202.891.8300.

CAN to TSN Gateway from CAST Bridges CAN 2.0/FD Buses with Time Sensitive Ethernet








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