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CFX宣布其反熔丝OTP技术现已在中芯国际 40HV 工艺投入使用

CFX announces commercial availability of anti-fuse OTP technology on SMIC 40HV process

Zhuhai, CHINA— July 18, 2020 CFX, the One-Stop Shop for nonvolatile memory technology and products announced today commercial availability of anti-fuse OTP technology on SMIC 40HV process. “Gate oxide dielectric anti-fuse OTP technology is a game changer for designers of integrated circuits implemented on advanced technology nodes”, states George Wang, CEO of CFX. “The SMIC 40nm High Voltage process combines dense low voltage logic transistors with optimized high voltage transistors. The addition of the CFX OTP technology makes the SMIC 40HV process the ideal platform for complex mixed signal devices such as display drivers, image sensors and PMICs.”

OTP Implemented on Standard CMOS Process

CFX’s Anti-fuse technology uses the thin gate oxide of advanced CMOS logic processes as the dielectric. As gate oxide thicknesses scale with technology geometries, the programming voltage becomes lower and allows the integration of all programming circuitry in the same OTP block. The result is a dense, reliable OTP memory technology without any changes to the standard CMOS process.

Silicon Proven Technology

Anti-fuse OTP on SMIC 40HV IP Cores

The first design using the CFX OTP on the SMIC 40HV process has been fabricated and the OTP IP block has been tested and verified. A test report for the OTP memory is available. Volume production and qualification will complete in late 2020. Customers interested in using the CFX OTP IP should contact CFX directly.

About CFX

CFX(Chuangfeixin Technology) is the world’s first one-stop shop for nonvolatile memory. CFX brings state of the art OTP, NOR Flash and NAND SLC Flash technologies to the market in standard products. Additionally, CFX offers antifuse OTP/NTP/eFPGA , floating gate OTP/MTP, eNOR and eNAND technologies as part of their IP portfolio. This allows customer to choose the optimum system’s solution to meet a wide range of applications requirements. CFX is also focused on providing leading edge levels of reliability to the NVM market. For More Information, Please visit http://www.cfx-tech.com.

CFX announces commercial availability of anti-fuse OTP technology on SMIC 40HV process








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