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SDR RF IP, 100MHz-2.6GHz, for ultra-low power applications from IoT, M2M to 5G available from T2MIP

Munich – October 29, 2020 – T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the availability of a unique 3rd Generation SDR RF IP in TSMC40ULP with a contiguous frequency range from 100MHz-2.6GHz for ultra-low power IOT applications. The SDR RF IP integrates all the necessary RF/analog/mixed-signal/digital functions to support radio functions for most standards operating in this frequency range at low-cost and ultra-low-power

This 3rd Generation SDR RF IP family can receive most wireless standards in the frequency range including: 5G, Wi-Fi, LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, 802.15.4g, 802.11ah, Bluetooth, LORA, GNSS among others. This ultra-low-power SDR RF transceiver IP enables a completely flexible, standard agnostic, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SoC.

The receive path (RX) has an extremely high dynamic range and is implemented with direct-conversion architecture without external SAW filter. A direct conversion TX generates low EVM signals to drive the external power amplifier. An integrated Frac-N frequency synthesizers and LO-chains generate the required low phase-noise LO signals for TX and RX mixers. Support for both FDD and TDD modes along with integrated ADC/DACs (up to 80Msps) with 1x1 MIMO configuration. The IP has low receiver power of 10mW and has an option for the integrated LDOs. The IP is silicon proven in TSMC 40ULP.Optional fully integrated power management can be integrated to minimize the module e-BOM cost.

T2MIP also carries a range of silicon & system proven modem digital and SW IP to address individual wireless standards including: NB-IOT, 4G Ue/eNodeB, 5G NR including massive MiMo, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, GNSS.


The addition of this SDR RF IP to T2MIP’s portfolio will enable customers to enter and grow in the niche market. The other siblings of the 3rd Generation SDR IP and a roadmap for 5G and beyond are –

Availability: This SDR RF IP is available for immediate licensing stand alone or with the matching digital modems. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request to contact@t-2-m.com.

About T2M: T2MIP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex IP Cores, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated production of Wireless, Audio, IoT and Consumer SoCs. For more information, please visit: https://t-2-m.com/semiconductor-ip-core/cellular-ip/sdr-ip/sdr-100mhz-2-6ghz-rf-gen3-silicon-proven-ip-core







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