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Vidatronic Unveils OmniPOWER™ Distributed Power Systems Available for Licensing in FinFET Technologies

AUSTIN, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 — Vidatronic, Inc., a leading provider of power management, analog, and security intellectual property (IP) licenses and integrated platform solutions, unveils their next-generation power management platform: OmniPOWER™ distributed regulator power delivery systems optimized for powering cutting-edge high-performance processor cores, cache, and high-speed serial IO interfaces in the most advanced FinFET technologies, either in a single die or in multiple dies/chiplets.

Innovations in advanced processor and high-speed serial interface designs have made integrated high-performance power management an absolute necessity to remain competitive. Vidatronic is the industry leader in this technology and their patent-pending next-generation OmniPOWER™ distributed regulator power delivery systems are leading the way in the future of power management for embedded applications. Vidatronic’s distributed regulator systems use multiple sense points for uniform power distribution, eliminating hotspots that occur in conventional systems, and have a modular architecture that enables simple scalability to support multiple end applications, especially in deep submicron FinFET technologies including 7 nm and smaller geometries.

“Vidatronic is the leader in power management, analog, and security IP in FinFET technologies and our new OmniPOWER™ Distributed Power Systems are our latest commitment to delivering innovative solutions that solve critical issues our customers are facing in their next-generation multi die/multi-chiplet applications,” says Moises Robinson, President and Co-Founder of Vidatronic. “I am excited and proud to share with the world our most advanced OmniPOWER™ Distributed Power Systems which deliver unparalleled performance for our customers, and we look forward to the innovations Vidatronic will bring to the industry through these OmniPOWER™ collaborations.”

If you are interested in licensing Vidatronic’s OmniPOWER™ distributed regulator system, please contact sales@vidatronic.com.







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