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Secure Optical Data Communication Using Quantum Cryptography and Li-Fi

Modern quantum technology opens up many new areas of application. But it also harbors risks. Due to their enormous computing power, quantum computers, could undermine even the most modern data encryption methods. To forestall this scenario, several partners led by KEEQuant GmbH are developing a new approach to secure optical data transmission in wireless networks using light and quantum keys. The

www.ipms.fraunhofer.de, Feb. 12, 2023 – 

With quantum technology, the next leap innovations are on the horizon in many technical areas. In addition to quantum computers, quantum imaging and quantum clocks, developments are focusing primarily on quantum communication and quantum encryption for secure and private data communication. Here, classical encryption approaches based on computational complexity are to be replaced by novel quantum key distribution approaches in combination with post-quantum cryptography. This type of encryption cannot be cracked even with arbitrary time and computational power. Since existing cryptography is already threatened in the near future by the ever-increasing computational power of quantum computers, solution approaches must be developed in time to prevent an insecure transition period.

Previous research has focused on long-distance secure data communication for applications in the global data infrastructure, for networking government or military facilities, or for information exchange with satellites. However, the connections to the end user on the last kilometer have so far still been served by classical technologies and thus remain vulnerable to attack. To prevent this in the future, the project "QuINSiDa - Quantum-based Infrastructure Networks for Safety-critical Wireless Data Communication" was launched. The project, funded by the BMBF, has a planned duration from 01.09.2022 to 31.08.2025.

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