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据Perforce 调查,软件已成为汽车开发的核心

Perforce survey reveals software has become central to automotive development

Perforce Software, a provider of solutions for enterprise teams requiring productivity and visibility at scale within the SDLC, released the results of its annual State of Automotive Software Development survey conducted in partnership with Automotive IQ. Around 400 automotive development professionals across the globe provided responses to current practices and emerging trends within the industry. Key findings suggest a continuing concern for automotive software safety and security, while the automotive vehicle market continues to rapidly evolve.

www.intelligentcio.com, May. 12, 2023 – 

With the continued growth of autonomous, semi-autonomous, electric and connected vehicle segments, software is even more central to automotive development. The increasing amount of software installed in vehicles can lead to more safety and security considerations during the development process. In fact, 73% of automotive developers have adopted or are in the process of adopting a shift-left strategy to identify software security and safety vulnerabilities as early as possible.

The leading market conditions impacting automotive software development this year include the global economy and related conditions of inflation, chip shortages, supply chain challenges and the shift to a remote/hybrid workforce. As a result of many of these challenges, automotive organisations are most concerned about maintaining industry competitiveness and maximising existing resources and talent.

In addition, the survey found that automotive developers' top three leading development concerns are safety (30%), security (27%) and quality (26%). Of those most concerned with safety, 47% said their biggest concerns are the difficulties and time required to fulfil every ISO 26262 requirement.

"Safety continues to be the automotive software industry's key priority, but security concerns continue to rise as the need to protect automotive electronic systems, communication networks and software grows," said Perforce Vice President of Product, Ido Benmoshe. "OEMs and their supply chain partners want to prevent costly and malicious attacks, unauthorised access, or manipulation to automotive systems and ensuring their code is secure is the first step to mitigating those incidents."

Autonomous, semi-autonomous, electric and connected vehicle development is also greatly impacting development teams. The majority of teams are working on autonomous and semi-autonomous components (80%), electric components (90%) and connectivity components (86%) to some degree.

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