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三星进军2nm人工智能及HBM3 内存芯片

Samsung Announces 2nm AI Chip Deal With HBM3 Memory

The contract is a major win for Samsung's foundry business and indicates that competition for next-generation processes is well underway.

www.extremetech.com/, Feb. 08, 2024 – 

Even though most of the world's semiconductor foundries are ramping up production of their 3nm processes, the battle for next-generation 2nm contracts has already begun. Samsung has announced a new deal with an undisclosed company to create an AI chip on its upcoming 2nm node, notching an early win. Details on the agreement are sparse, but it shows Samsung's foundry business could begin to rival TSMC (and Intel) with its future processes.

In its recent earnings call, Samsung announced its new 2nm contract but didn't say which company it is working with. A website named Liberty Times Net broke the news, noting in its headline that it's part of Samsung's effort to catch up with TSMC in the high-stakes battle over next-generation contracts. The report states the order includes 2nm chips for AI purposes along with HBM3 memory and advanced packaging, indicating it's a data center product and certainly not something for client purposes. The company is expected to launch its 2nm SF2 process in 2025, and it'll utilize its existing gate-all-around (GAA) process with MBCFET, which stands for Multi-Bridge Channel Field Effect Transistor, a nanosheet design.

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