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ARM bids for chiplet dominance

ARM has launched two programmes to boost its position in chiplet designs around cores and interconnect.

www.eenewseurope.com/, Feb. 14, 2024 – 

ARM cites the need for a common framework that requires significant and focused collaboration with the ARM Chiplet System Architecture (CSA) and a new version of the CHI interconnect.

The chiplet system architecture brings together 20 partners to analyze and define the optimal partitioning choices for chiplet-based systems. The goal is to develop the CSA to allow greater reuse of components between multiple suppliers. The partners range from mobile to automotive to infrastructure including how to partition an ARM-based system across multiple chiplets, or the high-level properties such as requirements for system memory or a Root of Trust.

AMBA CHI is high speed, credited, and packetized, which makes it ideal for chiplets. The AMBA CHI C2C specification, developed with Nvidia, uses the existing on-chip CHI protocol and defines how it is packetized, enabling it to be transported from chiplet-to-chiple). The specification has now been released after collaboration with a diverse set of partners.

"Our investments into AMBA and CSA will enable partners to decompose an ARM-based system across multiple chiplets, in the same way a monolithic chip is composed of IP blocks. Alongside these new standards, there are several ARM-specific and industry-wide layers we need to continue to collaborate on," said Richard Gristlenthwaite, EVP, Chief Architect & Fellow at ARM.

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