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Chips&Media is a GLOBAL LEADING VIDEO IP (Intellecual Property) Company that develops and designs the professional video IP by implementing video compression algorithm into hardware.
Chips&Media’s video processing engines have been developed for a variety of multimedia application such as Mobile phones, Home Consumer Devices, Wired and Wireless Communications, PMP and Tablet PCs. Lately new IT Products have constantly been launched like Smart Phones, Tablet PC and so on, this makes the digital devices to have a variety of multimedia functions. Therefore, Chips&Media has focused on developing video processing engine, which is adapted to its own hardware structures for high speed, high performance and ultra-low power.
There are two types of Full HD products in Chips&Media that one is BODA™- supporting decoder and the other is CODA™- supporting both encoder and decoder, which provide multiple standards including MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264/AVC, MVC(Multiview Video Coding), H.263, VC-1, AVS, RealVideo, VP8, Sorenson and Theora etc. as a single core. The latest WAVE™ is one of the most advanced hardware video IP core which supports the next generation HEVC(HighEfficiency Video Coding) standard known as H.265 and Google’s VP9 with optimized size. In addition to this, the WAVE™ also provides maximum bandwidth efficiency and exceptional low power consumption, which are among today’s most demanding requirements across all connected devices. It employs frame buffer compression technology named CFrame10 which can save on average 50~70% bandwidth access to memory.
Chips&Media is a leading video IP provider based in Seoul, Korea(Republic of). Its advanced ultra-low power and high performance video technology has been chosen by more than 70 top-tiers based in US, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan and has proven in silicon reaching 400 millions of units.
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